Provision of Curative Services

Over 90% of FLEP 52 health centres are rural based and serve hard-to-reach communities. All these facilities receive the primary health care (PHC) conditional grant from ministry of health government of Uganda. Additionally, program health centres are facilitated with drugs/medicines from the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB). This enables these sites to provide appropriate curative care to children and adults within their catchments.

Each health centre has a health unit management committee (HUMC) that provides checks and balances and oversees service delivery at the respective sites. Each health centre has a minimum of 6 VHTs attached to it to facilitate client referral and follow-up for further appropriate care.

FLEP utilizes a model of quality of care monitors locally known as ‘gampe agents’ to initiate and manage the client-feedback system for improved quality of care. Gampe agents conduct mystery client sessions, client-exit counseling and client concern sessions to collect information on community perception for services provided. Gampe agents’ timely feedback to health unit management committees (HUMCs) ensures delivery of client-centered services and enhances quality of care.

The yellow star assessment framework is utilized to assess program health centres to enhance quality improvement.