Event Title : Supporting Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities need proper care and access to mobility aides to help them live like other normal children. Thatís why at FLEP we work tirelessly to ensure their rights are protected too. P ... View Gallery

Event Title : FLEP-RHITES-EC Project Activity Implementation Plan 2018 Presentation

The project is focused on strengthening referrals and linkages to increase access and utilization of, quality health services in Kaliro District, to promote adoption of positive health behaviors and p ... View Gallery

Event Title : End of Year District Stake Holders' Feedback and Review Meetings

From the 18th to the 19th of December 2017 in, FLEP GUSO and Porticus Project held End of year feed back meetings with district stake holders in Jinja and Mayuge. FLEP presented there activities and f ... View Gallery

Event Title : Empowering Community groups in Iganga (ABH)

This week FLEP ABH distributed bicycles to 14 community groups in Iganga District under the Advocacy for Better Health Project. Each group received seven bicycles, to help them mobilize communities e ... View Gallery

Event Title : World AIDS Day Commemoration

We commemorated world AIDS day 2017 in the Districts of Mayuge, Kaliro and Iganga under the theme, Reaching Men, girls and young women to reduce new HIV infections. The day was honored by different di ... View Gallery

Event Title : The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs delegate pays a courtesy visit.

On the 21st of November 2017, FLEP hosted a delegate from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms Angelique van der Made and Ms. Adokorach Judith from the Dutch Embassy of Uganda. They visited the M ... View Gallery

Event Title : GUSO Alliance Week 2017

#GetUpSpeakOut4Peace The right to health and progress towards achieving universal access to Sexual Reproductive Health remains a major public challenge in Uganda. #SRH services are provided through ... View Gallery

Event Title : Quality of Care Monitoring Exercise

FLEP GUSO project conducted a youth led quality of care monitoring exercise of selected health facilities in Jinja, Iganga and Mayuge. The exercise was aimed at ascertaining the quality of youth frien ... View Gallery

Event Title : Performance Review, Experience Sharing and Feedback Meetings

Youth peer educators and health workers play a vital role by creating synergy to address the issues young people face in voicing their SRH rights and accessing SRH services. We endeavor to see to it t ... View Gallery

Event Title : Review, Feedback and Experience Sharing Meeting in Iganga

The Advocacy for Better Health (ABH) team held a review, experience sharing and feedback meeting in Iganga. Advocacy Champions, Community Group Chairpersons and Secretaries representing different comm ... View Gallery

Event Title : FLEP at the Islands of Jaguzi (Mayuge District)

FLEP conducted an integrated outreach on the Islands of Jaguzi under the FLEP/SIMAVI/PORTICUS Project. SRH services including Polio Vaccination were provided. However, the team noticed a growing numbe ... View Gallery

Event Title : PATH/Initiatives Team Conducts OACA at FLEP

A Team from PATH/Initiatives conducted an OACA (Organizational Advocacy Capacity Assessment), from 23rd to 25th of August 2017. The process was successful and FLEP was commended on its performance and ... View Gallery

Event Title : FLEP donates sanitary towels to girls in Namayingo District

Keep a girl in school, unload her of the burden of worrying about how she will make it through the next monthlies without embarrassment, the most vulnerable ones need this the most. That's why at FLEP ... View Gallery

Event Title : FLEP at Bunyiiro Health Center II in Iganga District

At FLEP we a re committed to the well being of all vulnerable groups of people, especially People with disabilities, we recently visited Bunyiiro Health Center II and gave out a wheel chairs, a baby s ... View Gallery

Event Title : His Excellecy Henk Jan Bakker, Ambassador of Netherlands to Uganda pays a visit.

On the 10th of July 2017, the ambassador of the Netherlands to Uganda paid a visit to FLEP. He met up with the Jinja Local Government District Officials to ascertain how the district has supported NGO ... View Gallery

Event Title : GUSO Project Sports Gala and Community Outreach

FLEP conducted a Sports Gala and Community Outreah Event in Buwenge, Bulamagi, Nambale and Budondo Sub-counties. HCT services were given to 162 people in Nawaningi Magogo Primary School, 78 in Budondo ... View Gallery

Event Title : FLEP/SIMAVI/PORTICUS SRH Project Activity

The activity took three days from 13th June 2017 in the Islands of Sagitu, Bomba and Jaguz. Several Services involving various sexual reproductive services like, HCT, Antenatal Services (ANC) Safe M ... View Gallery

Event Title : Engaging Religious and Cultural Leaders

FLEP engaged religious leaders from the Anglican and muslim society, Princes and chiefs from Busoga Kingdom in a workshop as part of the GetUpSpeakOut project. The Rt. Rev. Paul Naimanhye, Bishop of ... View Gallery

Event Title : Training of SRHR Advocacy Champions (Mothers Union)

Strengthening communication between Mothers and their Children . #ChurchInvolvementinSRHRIssues #AdvocacyChampions #MothersBeingRoleModels Mothers as #AdvocacyChampions in promotion of SRHR of you ... View Gallery

Event Title : Get Up Speak Out Project

Today on #NBSTV FLEP staff-#GetUpSpeakOut project Coordinator assessing issues affecting young people in areas of #SRHR in the country.. And the role the church has played in addressing these issues t ... View Gallery

Event Title : Training of Youth Peer Educators

#FLEP conducted a training of #YouthPeerEducators -YPEs from the districts of Jinja Buyende and Iganga respectively to #AssistParticipateinYouthFriendlyandAppropriateProgramingandPlanning. #Community ... View Gallery

Event Title : Reproductive Health

Reproductive health implies both men and women, Men are partners in reproduction and sexuality. Men's reproductive behaviors impact alot on women's reproductive health and the children's well-being ... View Gallery

Event Title : Busuyi Islands Reach Out

On 14feb valentines day, FLEP.Busoga Diocese reached out to the young people at the islands of Busuyi in Mayuge district,together with some of the SRHRAlliance partners..Reach Ahand Uganda (RAHU) and ... View Gallery

Event Title : Visit by the Dutch Parliamentarians to FLEP Offices

A group of Members of Parliament paid a visit to FLEP through the SRHR ... View Gallery