Event Title : His Excellecy Henk Jan Bakker, Ambassador of Netherlands to Uganda pays a visit.

On the 10th of July 2017, the ambassador of the Netherlands to Uganda paid a visit to FLEP. He met up with the Jinja Local Government District Officials to ascertain how the district has supported NGO ... View Gallery

Event Title : GUSO Project Sports Gala and Community Outreach

FLEP conducted a Sports Gala and Community Outreah Event in Buwenge, Bulamagi, Nambale and Budondo Sub-counties. HCT services were given to 162 people in Nawaningi Magogo Primary School, 78 in Budondo ... View Gallery

Event Title : FLEP/SIMAVI/PORTICUS SRH Project Activity

The activity took three days from 13th June 2017 in the Islands of Sagitu, Bomba and Jaguz. Several Services involving various sexual reproductive services like, HCT, Antenatal Services (ANC) Safe M ... View Gallery

Event Title : Engaging Religious and Cultural Leaders

FLEP engaged religious leaders from the Anglican and muslim society, Princes and chiefs from Busoga Kingdom in a workshop as part of the GetUpSpeakOut project. The Rt. Rev. Paul Naimanhye, Bishop of ... View Gallery

Event Title : Training of SRHR Advocacy Champions (Mothers Union)

Strengthening communication between Mothers and their Children . #ChurchInvolvementinSRHRIssues #AdvocacyChampions #MothersBeingRoleModels Mothers as #AdvocacyChampions in promotion of SRHR of you ... View Gallery

Event Title : Get Up Speak Out Project

Today on #NBSTV FLEP staff-#GetUpSpeakOut project Coordinator assessing issues affecting young people in areas of #SRHR in the country.. And the role the church has played in addressing these issues t ... View Gallery

Event Title : Training of Youth Peer Educators

#FLEP conducted a training of #YouthPeerEducators -YPEs from the districts of Jinja Buyende and Iganga respectively to #AssistParticipateinYouthFriendlyandAppropriateProgramingandPlanning. #Community ... View Gallery

Event Title : Reproductive Health

Reproductive health implies both men and women, Men are partners in reproduction and sexuality. Men's reproductive behaviors impact alot on women's reproductive health and the children's well-being ... View Gallery

Event Title : Busuyi Islands Reach Out

On 14feb valentines day, FLEP.Busoga Diocese reached out to the young people at the islands of Busuyi in Mayuge district,together with some of the SRHRAlliance partners..Reach Ahand Uganda (RAHU) and ... View Gallery

Event Title : Visit by the Dutch Parliamentarians to FLEP Offices

A group of Members of Parliament paid a visit to FLEP through the SRHR ... View Gallery