FLEP aims at increasing access to, coverage of, and utilization of quality and comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health SRH, Family Planning, TB and HIV&AIDS prevention, care and treatment services, and curative services to children, young people and adults in the 10 districts of East Central Uganda.


Supporting Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities need proper care and access to mobility aides to help them live like other normal children. That’s why at FLEP we work tirelessly to ensure their rights are protected too. Provision of mobility aides and training parents to carry out special exercises on them is what we do. Through the Barbara Project, we have mapped areas with children with disabilities in Busoga Region and through our health facilities, we’ll procure and provide mobility aides to them.

FLEP-RHITES-EC Project Activity Implementation Plan 2018 Presentation

The project is focused on strengthening referrals and linkages to increase access and utilization of, quality health services in Kaliro District, to promote adoption of positive health behaviors and practices (SBCC), to mainstream gender and youth in health interventions. Priorities will be put on increasing demand for HTS among men by targeting their social network and through community health campaigns, utilizing a multi disease approach and flexible expanded HTS hours

End of Year District Stake Holders' Feedback and Review Meetings

From the 18th to the 19th of December 2017 in, FLEP GUSO and Porticus Project held End of year feed back meetings with district stake holders in Jinja and Mayuge. FLEP presented there activities and findings to the district officials. A number of findings were also presented by the district officials but mainly urged FLEP to strengthen ties with the district council board members to see to it that young people voice their rights more at the district level, hence to enable them address their issues.